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The Solstice is designed with all the amenities that will make life easier and more fun for their residents. It really is a dynamic environment with a lot of offerings to help meet all your needs right there on the property. The developer did not leave anything unplanned when it comes to convenience for their residence. Indoor amenities of the building include a fitness gym which can be found in Tower One.  There is also an outdoor gym for those who would like to complete their workout in an open area with lots of fresh air. In Tower Two you will find a Function Room and in Tower One you can also find a Board Room.  

On the exterior but still on the Solstice property you can also find an array of amenities for your entertainment and leisure so you don’t have to leave the property to enjoy a good time with friends and family members. There are three pools on property including the Lounge pool, the Lap pool and a kiddie’s pool. The lounge pool is great for relaxing in the water or by the water on the pool deck, while the lap pool provides you with a great way to exercise outside of the indoor and outdoor gyms. And of course the kids will want some water fun especially on hot summer days when they are home from school and so there is a pool for them as well. For those who like to be close to water but not be in it, they can go ahead and relax on the pool deck, soak up some sun and read a good book.

If you are less of a pool person and more of an outdoor person you can find an outdoor lounge, the lawn area and the play area as well as the Bamboo garden and pocket garden. These are all great outdoor spaces where you can get away from all the indoor hum drum and just take some time to be with nature and enjoy fresh air and sun. While you are enjoying the amenities stop by the juice bar and get yourself some refreshments whether you are soaking up sun by the pool deck or outside on the lawn area.

There are a number of businesses located within the condominiums. This is great when you have errands and business to do but either don’t have the time or would just not rather go too far. So on days when you are strapped for time you can still get all your errands done without leaving the building which is great if you just are not up for the hustle and bustle of travelling. At the Solstice, everything you need is short walk away. Within the Solstice itself there are a number of commercial vendors or what they refer to as anchor tenants. These include the Anchor store, a pharmacy, Laundromat, Doctor’s Office, a Grocery store, a toy store, a pet store, a furniture and electronics store and a Day care and Bank.


  • Function Room (Tower 2)
  • Indoor Fitness Gym (Tower 1)
  • Board Room (Tower 1)


  • Lap Pool
  • Lounge Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Juice Bar
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Lawn Area
  • Play Area
  • Pocket Garden
  • Bamboo Garden
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Complete with indoor and outdoor facilities, Solstice will provide features and amenities for residents to enjoy. Indoor amenities will include a function room, an indoor fitness center, and a board room. Outdoor facilities will include a lap pool, lounge pool, kiddie pool, pool deck, juice bar, outdoor bar, a grand lawn area, and pocket gardens.

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